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What sets WBAT Safety apart?
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“UND Aerospace is excited to be partnering with WBAT Safety through their Platform+ services. Safety is an ever-changing environment and the opportunity to work with WBAT Safety to provide programs such as the Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) will not only bolster UND’s organizational safety through an enhanced reporting culture, but it will provide protections
to our employees and pilot group while we continue to build up a just safety culture.”
Director of Aviation Safety at University of North Dakota (UND) Aerospace

“One of the biggest challenges for our flight department was being new to the ASAP process. The team at WBAT provided
first-hand knowledge on how to build a strong foundation to support ASAP. We find them exceptionally reliable in support and quality of their service. The most useful aspect of WBAT is the customer service provided by the Aviation Safety Specialists. They are always available and willing to help explain components of the SMS or ASAP programs. They understand the
complex nature of aviation safety.”
Safety Director at Sanford Health

“California Aeronautical University recently implemented a campus-wide initiative to integrate a structured approach to
increase our safety management effectiveness. After research and thoughtful consideration, we found WBAT is the most effective way for our students and staff to report safety issues. The WBAT platform is easily accessible and provides the best framework to support a sound safety culture at CAU. Every student and staff affiliated with flight, maintenance, and ground operations have been given access. With this new system, we now have an accessible way to report anything deemed unsafe.”
President at California Aeronautical University

“The WBAT platform is very user friendly to our internal customers (Employees). It creates an ease in which the safety department is able to track hazards/trends, analyze the reports submitted, and stay ahead of those hazardous trends before they become a serious accident.”
Director of Safety & Training at Sheltair, Inc.

“In the past year, the SRA portion of WBAT was critical to our continued success during the pandemic. We used this tool as a method of communicating to our CMO when we looked to expand our charter service as new destinations popped up.
We were able to show our entire mitigation strategy to safely operate to multiple new airports, including two special qualification airports.”
Director of Safety at Northern Air Cargo, LLC

“The most useful part of the WBAT platform is the ability to collect and monitor all of the data that is collected
relating to the safety performance of our organization. Particularly the data collected from our FRATs which we utilize in
Dispatching, Medical, and Flight Operations.”
Director of Safety at AirCARE1 International

“While going through the gap analysis to apply to the FAA to convert our SMS to an FAA-approved program called the FAA SMS for voluntary program (SMSVP), we found the ASAP module in WBAT worked perfectly for what is needed for safety-issue documenting in an SMS. So, we adjusted the module to choose what action is taken when logging in. You can select either ASAP or SMS. ASAP items go to the FAA and SMS is resolved in-house through our SMS plan. The WBAT platform is working out great for this.”
SMS Director at White Cloud Charter LLC

“The automatic reminders of assigned actions (corrective actions, recommendations, tasks, etc.) are very useful to employees. This capability greatly reduces the workload of the safety department to manually track open items and send out email reminders for overdue actions.”
Director of Safety at Cape Air

“WBAT is the primary tool for compliance with our SMS program and documenting the safety compliance requirements of the DoD. Safety Risk Management/Analysis, Safety Assurance/Internal Audit Program, and Employee Reporting in WBAT are all
key to our operation. FRATs keep us in compliance with DoD requirements.”
Director of Safety at Berry Aviation, Inc.

“The most useful part of the WBAT platform is the ability to adjust and alter the title,
subtitle, and attributes to fit Ameriflight’s unique position within the aviation world.”
Director of Safety at Ameriflight, LLC

“North Memorial Health Air Care is excited to now be a part of the WBAT Platform+ and ASAP programs. The services of support configuration and training will offer to the newly stood-up Air Care Safety Office an extra ‘hand’ in oversight of Air Care’s participation within the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) ASAP program, while Air Care is also building and implementing a brand new safety management system (SMS) program. This partnership will ensure nothing is overlooked
for safety during this busy time for Air Care’s leadership structure.”
Aviation Safety Manager at North Memorial Health Air Care

“WBAT is a simple yet very structured and easy-to-use platform for filing and auditing safety reports.”
Aviation Safety Director at Aviator College of Aeronautical Science and Technology

“The most useful part of the WBAT platform is Johanna Hawkins and the availability of the Help Center! The flexibility and support to retask various report types to try new ideas. For example, repurposed the unused ASAP and Incident report types for use by the FAA to replace letters from the FAA/CMO to Envoy and replaced the FAA’s online VDRP with a WBAT report, entering FAA safety concerns directly into our Safety Management System (SMS).”
Manager of System Safety at Envoy Air, Inc.

“As our SMS has matured over the last five years, I’d say the Safety Risk Management
component has been the most useful part of the WBAT platform. Being able to document
SRAs in a way that clearly shows the hazards, risks, risk controls, and associated risk levels
has enabled us to be more efficient with our risk management processes.”
Director of Safety at Key Lime Air (dba Denver Air Connection)

“The most useful parts of the WBAT platform are Employee Reporting, SRM, and Safety Assurance (Audits).”
SMS Manager at Sky Lease I, Inc.

“WBAT provides the robust, online platform required to support our core principles of continued improvement and effective implementation of a high-level safety program across our company.”
Chief Pilot at Atlantic Coast Aircraft Services, Inc.

“My day-to-day function is to oversee the Safety Risk Management progression for the
company. WBAT’s ‘Query & Analysis’ functions allow us to create queries to pull data from
our WBAT input and create reports to distribute to our Subject Matter Experts and ensure that
our risk mitigation plans are progressing toward implementation and tracked through the
Safety Assurance processes.”
Manager of Quality Assurance & Regulatory Compliance at Mesa Air Group

“As we seek to implement the FAA Safety Management System for voluntary program (SMSVP) here at Burgess Aircraft Management, we found that the WBAT Safety program met every need we were looking for in a software package.”
Safety Officer and Line Pilot at Burgess Aircraft Management

“The most useful part of the WBAT platform is Tracking safety reporting and having the
capability to generate reports for analysis.”
Director of Safety at Aloha Air Cargo

“The WBAT platform is very user friendly to our internal customers (Employees). It creates an ease in which the safety department is able to track hazards/trends, analyze the reports submitted, and stay ahead of those hazardous trends
before they become a serious accident.”
Director of Safety & Training at Sheltair, Inc.

“As the Safety Officer for a Charter Operator constantly trying to improve our Safety
Performance in the search for hazard identification and risk analysis, we have found WBAT to
be the proper tool with a great system of support behind it. Both our Flight and Maintenance
as well as the other departments have access to the program. We have found the Support Personnel
at WBAT to be knowledgeable and eager to assist. They have a high commitment to making
our goals their success. We always look forward to every interaction with the group
at WBAT.”
Elite Air, Inc.

“Having used the WBAT platform in the past with my previous airline gave me a starting point when I was in a position to implement the ASAP program into our flight department’s SMS. After meeting with the team at WBAT, approval by senior leadership at my company to move forward with this platform was immediate. The current platform provides so much more than what it did in the past. Our pilots and mechanics are able to file an ASAP report on the fly via an app, or the customized website designed just for White Cloud. This has been an incredible experience; from MOU approval, to customizing our
server to now facilitating our quarterly meetings. We couldn’t be happier.”
White Cloud Charter, LLC

“Obviously safety reporting is our most used part of the WBAT platform; however, the queries that can be developed to extract information from these reports are also very helpful. Queries give us a powerful macro and micro look at the underlying data and allow us to drill down to key issues.”
Director of Safety at Verijet

“The most useful part of the WBAT Platform is the ability to submit ASAP
reports and have the Safety department build an ERC agenda and run the
meetings all in the same application. It is a huge benefit for us. WBAT makes it
easy to keep our data organized across multiple work groups.”
Director of Safety at Sterling Airways

“The most helpful part of WBAT has been the Safety Assurance module, where we have been able to set up and track over 90 different audits for the operational functions of the airline. Tracking findings and corrective actions is easy to do by assigning them to the responsible individuals. Safety Risk Management is also useful and is able to be performed regularly from Safety Reports that are submitted, audit findings that are issued, as well as the Safety Risk Management module in the system.”
Director of Safety/Security at Waltzing Matilda Aviation

“For our company, all of WBAT is important as this was one of the core tools that helped us achieve “Active Conformance” in the SMSVP in 2018; however, if we had to choose only one portion of the platform that we could keep, then it would be the Hazard Reporting/Risk Management area of WBAT. Collecting data across all departments and mitigating reported risks is key to our continuous improvement and an integral part of our operation.”
Director of Safety at Aitheras Aviation Group

“The most helpful part of the WBAT platform is the ability to communicate directly with submitters through WBAT.
The ease of gathering information for use in the FAA’s quarterly and annual ASAP Reports.”
Senior Safety Manager at CommutAir

“The most useful part of the WBAT platform is the availability of an electronic incident form, where our employees can report any incident anywhere in the world. Soon we will be implementing our ASAP program, through WBAT, and will expand our electronic reporting opportunities, including ASRS. We are also exploring additional opportunities within WBAT.”
Director of Safety at KaiserAir, Inc.

“The Modesto Jet Center is excited to work with WBAT Safety and be part of a program that the FAA stands behind. Safety is a critical part of our business, which is why working with WBAT Safety to implement the Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) and our Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) has made it easier to work closely with the FAA to identify—and mitigate—potential risks. We feel WBAT Safety is able to deliver great tools that give us operational transparency and an effective safety culture.”
General Manager of Modesto Jet Center