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The WBAT Platform is a web-based system that supports all aspects of a complete Safety Management System (SMS), including safety policy, safety risk management, safety assurance, safety promotion, and SMS recordkeeping and documentation. Any organization can utilize the WBAT Platform to collect, process, and analyze safety reports, conduct audits, and identify as well as manage risk.


Employee Reporting

Safety Assurance

Safety Risk Management

SMS Implementation Manager (SMS IM)

Security & Accessibility

WBAT is designed for easy, simple sign in. Our web-based platform is compatible with any Internet-connected device, allowing users to quickly access necessary submission forms for reporting and analysis.

WBAT comes via the AWS cloud infrastructure, meaning the platform is scalable without a large investment in infrastructure and can be operated with little to no interruption of services to users.

Mobile App

With the WBAT Mobile app, submitters can start filling out a submission form from anywhere. After downloading the app and logging in while connected to a network, the submitter can disconnect from the network and complete the submission form. Once reconnected to a network, the reports can be pushed to the live system. This “offline” capability allows submitters to capture the most information from wherever they happen to be located.

The Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) that is available on the browser-based WBAT version is now available for WBAT Mobile app users.

The addition of the FRAT to WBAT Mobile makes it easier for users to assess, document, and communicate risks before an operation begins. Users are able to create and submit a risk worksheet from a supported mobile device in any location with a cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

Data Sharing

In an effort to provide an aviation-based organization with the means to share Employee Reporting module data with other industry safety initiatives, WBAT has several different data sharing options. The benefits of using WBAT for sharing data include a standard data classification as well as a simple means of applying de-identification rules or encryption to your data and then sending that data, with WBAT automatically keeping a log of whether or not your data was transmitted successfully and at what time. Transmission of data may require a signed legal agreement with UTRS but does not involve any other significant action by your organization. Following are the available aviation-based data sharing options: