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Employee Reporting

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Supports the submission, analysis, review, resolution, and management of reports

Safety Assurance

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Provides tools to manage processes and procedures when evaluating compliance with your organization’s policies, federal standards, SMS guidance

Safety Risk Management

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Provides a systematic process to document hazards within an organization, assess the risk of those hazards, design a risk mitigation strategy, and determine the adequacy of that strategy’s risk controls

SMS Implementation Manager

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Provide the tools and features to manage the implementation of your organization’s SMS, utilizing the FAA’s SMS gap analysis or any other SMS implementation guidelines


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Data from WBAT can be shared with industry safety initiatives, including NASA ASRS, ASIAS, ATSAP CISP, and IATA STEADES

Mobile App

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Start and save an employee reporting submission form while offline, allowing submitters to document information anywhere, anytime

250 Organizations
5,000,000 ASAP Reports
2,000,000 Safety Risk Assessments
3,000,000 Reports shared with ASIAS


Access to the support, training, and customizations

Platform+Support subscribers have peace of mind knowing a team of technical safety professionals are available to assist with any process in WBAT.


Learn the ins and outs of WBAT

The WBAT Support Team is available to discuss technical solutions to safety processes and offers training at most events.


Exclusive to Platform+Support Subscribers

Additional report types, data analysis tools, and data inputs available to enhance your organization's safety programs