The WBAT platform serves over 180 operators representing all sectors of the aviation community. The platform supports the submission, management, and analysis of confidential employee reports. Supported reports include ASAP, incident, fatigue, LOSA, and general safety/hazard via the web or mobile device.

WBAT has used its long-standing relationship as a government contractor with the FAA to make sure our SMS modules are fully compliant with 14 CFR Part 5: Safety Management System language.

Aviation Reporting Solutions

  • Multiple employee reporting options
  • Safety Risk Management, including the FAA-accepted process for documenting safety risk assessments
  • Safety assurance, including enhanced audits and evaluations
  • Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) for all employee groups
  • Fatigue reporting per 14 CFR part 117; Flight and Duty Limitations and Rest Requirements: Flightcrew Members
  • Gap analysis and many other supporting Safety Management System (SMS) features per 14 CFR part 5