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Subscriber Spotlight: Sterling Airways

WBAT Safety’s Subscriber Spotlight series highlights different subscribers of the WBAT platform. The series aims to recognize our various valuable subscribers and the different ways the WBAT platform is used.

This edition of WBAT Safety’s Subscriber Spotlight features responses by Jon Gourdoux, Director of Safety at Sterling Airways, a Part 121 airline with 70 employees that is currently flying charters and beginning scheduled service. Sterling Airways is based in Jacksonville, FL and commenced operations in the spring of 2020.

How do you use the WBAT Platform? We use WBAT to ensure we meet all four pillars of SMS. WBAT is our tool for auditing, SRM, safety reporting, and some of our employee communications.

What do you consider the most useful part of the WBAT Platform? The ability to submit ASAP reports and have the Safety department build an ERC agenda and run the meetings all in the same application is a huge benefit for us. WBAT makes it easy to keep our data organized across multiple work groups.

Please identify a recent safety issue or problem you identified in your data: A pilot submitted an ASAP report after ATC used the wrong callsign. The ERC investigated and found that since we were new, a lot of ATC facilities weren’t familiar with us.

Please explain how you mitigated the issue or problem: As a corrective action, the ERC recommended Dispatch to add our callsign (Stingray) to the remarks section of the flight plan.

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