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New WBAT Feature: Upload FAA Quarterly Report Directly to the FAA

WBAT Safety Members Now Have the Capability to Upload FAA Quarterly Reports Directly to the FAA from the WBAT Platform!

WBAT Safety has worked with the FAA to allow for the submission of the FAA Quarterly Report directly to the FAA from the WBAT platform.

To facilitate processing of safety enhancements, WBAT allows the FAA Quarterly Report to be created at the beginning of a quarter so safety enhancements can be added when they occur, rather than waiting until the end of the quarter and then specifying all safety enhancements at one time. At the end of the quarter, once all safety enhancements are on the FAA Quarterly Report, it can then be closed and uploaded directly to the FAA.

Watch our in-depth training video to learn more about how to use this new feature.

WBAT Safety is the sole FAA-supported safety management system (SMS) program available on the market. To learn more about WBAT Safety and how our platform can help you improve your organization’s safety culture, visit www.wbatsafety.com or email a WBAT Safety Expert at info@wbatsafety.com to schedule a free demonstration.

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