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WBAT Safety Introduces University of North Dakota Aerospace as Most Recent ASAP and Platform+ Subscriber

WBAT Safety is proud to introduce University of North Dakota (UND) Aerospace as the most recent organization to join the WBAT Safety platform as a Platform+Support and ASAP facilitation services subscriber.

As a world-renowned center for aerospace learning and academic excellence, UND Aerospace operates one of the largest fleets of civilian aircraft in North America and the largest collegiate training fleet in the world. In addition to offering 7 aviation degrees and 15 career pathway programs, UND Aerospace features state-of-the-art facilities and offers 110+ aircraft and simulators, allowing students to log an impressive 110,000+ flight hours.

One of the core objectives of UND Aerospace is to provide skills to build and promote a culture of safety in the aerospace industry.

“UND Aerospace is excited to be partnering with WBAT Safety through their Platform+ services. Safety is an ever-changing environment and the opportunity to work with WBAT Safety to provide programs such as the Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) will not only bolster UND’s organizational safety through an enhanced reporting culture, but it will provide protections to our employees and pilot group while we continue to build up a just safety culture,” said Brian Willis, Director of Aviation Safety at UND Aerospace.

“With one of the leading aviation collegiate education programs in the world, UND Aerospace is highly respected in the aviation industry,” said Kamron Githens, WBAT Safety Program Manager. “WBAT Safety looks forward to working with UND Aerospace and providing their ASAP facilitation services as they continue to enhance their safety culture.”

WBAT Safety is the sole FAA-supported SMS program available on the market. The WBAT platform is a web-based system that supports all aspects of a complete SMS, including safety policy, safety risk management, safety assurance, safety promotion, and SMS recordkeeping and documentation. Platform+Support subscribers have access to support, training, and customizations to help organizations utilize WBAT to their fullest potential.

Any organization can utilize the WBAT platform to collect, process, and analyze safety reports, conduct audits, and identify as well as manage risk.

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