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The WBAT PlatformSecure, Accessible, Community-Driven

Employee Reporting

Supports the submission, analysis, review, resolution, and management of reports

Safety Assurance

Provides tools to manage processes and procedures when evaluating compliance with your organization’s policies, federal standards, and SMS guidance

Safety Risk Management

Provides a systematic process to document hazards, assess risks, design a risk mitigation strategy, and determine the adequacy of that strategy

SMS Implementation Manager

Provide the tools and features to manage the implementation of your organization’s SMS

Data Sharing

Data from WBAT can be shared with industry safety initiatives

Mobile App

Start and save an employee reporting submission form while offline, allowing submitters to document information anywhere, anytime



Submitted Reports

Almost 2 million submitted employee reports; almost 1 million reports submitted to ASIAS and ATSAP.

The WBAT Difference

WBAT Users

There are nearly 600,000 users of the WBAT platform.

The WBAT Advantage

Corrective Actions/Risk Controls Identified

Over 195,000 corrective actions/ risk controls identified.