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Industry-built executive summaries give upper management a real-time look into your reporting culture.

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WBAT is building a world where the vast majority of companies use their safety culture to improve the lives of those around them.

In this ideal world an employee feels comfortable reporting a safety concern or hazard to their direct supervisor; and that direct supervisor acts with impunity to the errors and mistakes made by the people under their authority.

Our mission is simple: provide the people, technology, and processes to improve your safety culture.

Join the millions of people who use WBAT to improve their operational safety culture.

Use 1, 2, or all of the 50+ safety management features found in the WBAT platform. Use the highly secure web-based platform as your sole data management system.

Build and maintain your own safety platform, or take advantage of one of several WBAT support packages that come with a monthly subscription.

Employee Reporting
Risk Management
Safety Assurance
SMS Gap Analyses
Flight Risk Assessment Tool
Safety Promotion

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Platform + Support

Platform+ subscribers have peace of mind knowing a team of technical safety professionals are ready to improve your safety management system. Moreover, WBAT offers the most cost-effective and affordable support packages in the industry.

Enterprise Level Services

On top of providing a single-source technological solution for your safety programs, WBAT now offers the power of the platform with Enterprise Level Services to create and promote an ASAP, FOQA, or SMS program.

  • Contract Services are available for operators looking to fill gaps in their safety department or looking for experienced safety professionals to facilitate their SMS implementation.
Comprehensive ASAP Management with FAA MOU
Flight Data Management & FOQA
SRM Documentation & Facilitation
Gap Analyses & Documentation
Report Processing, Analysis, & Meeting Facilitation
The Platform
Our cloud-based infrastructure and mobile reporting app impacts your employee reporting culture immediately.
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No time to implement an ASAP or FOQA program? Let our team of experienced safety professionals help improve your safety culture.