The WBAT platform is scalable to fit any Safety Management System. Our SMS modules secure the data operators need to keep flying smoothly. The WBAT team works regularly with the FAA and industry leaders to ensure the platform supports Safety Management System implementation. In addition, WBAT is mentioned in the (FAA SMS Advisory Circular.) https://www.faa.gov/documentlibrary/media/advisory_circular/ac_120-92b.pdf

In 2017, the WBAT team met with AFS-900 personnel to review and accept recent changes made to the platform Safety Risk Management (SRM) module.

Specifically, WBAT supports all 4 components of the SMS rule

Implementing a Safety Management System

The WBAT platform offers a robust SMS Implementation Manager (SMS IM). This allows your organization to perform a preliminary or detailed gap analysis across operational departments. The SMS IM module is tailored with specific 14 CFR Part 5 references and FAA levels of compliance. There is no need for additional programs to determine and document your organization’s level of compliance.

Schedule Meetings

After documenting your VP/Part 5 levels of compliance, schedule a meeting using the WBAT platform meeting feature and add the requirements you wish to discuss with the FAA. This feature minimizes in-person documentation review. Send your FAA inspector web-based packages documented in WBAT and allow them to view it prior to in-person validation.